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Date of release: November 13th, 2023

TSK-55 New Features List: Improved Task Visibility and Functionality

When a user creates and completes a task, tapping the “COMPLETE” button in the show header action marks the job as finished. It will remain displayed in the list until erased manually, allowing for improved work management. In addition, for maximum efficiency, we optimised the functionality of the complete and delete buttons and implemented validation to restrict the number of tasks to 200

TEAMS-4112: changed “Rooms” label in appointment to “Virtual Rooms”

We’ve renamed ‘Rooms’ to ‘Virtual Rooms’ to provide a more user-friendly appointment experience.

TEAMS-4109: Meeting moderator chat notification improved

If a moderator is not actively engaging in a meeting, they will no longer get chat browser alerts for messages in the chat of an external meeting room. This modification guarantees that alerts are relevant and actionable for the receiver.

IRIS-4743: Disabled activities were removed from the secondary contextual menu.

By concealing deactivated activities in the secondary bar when right-clicking, we’ve enhanced the user experience. This avoids user misunderstanding. Disabled operations unrelated to a single calendar, for example, were previously displayed in the Calendar’s secondary bar. This improvement enables a more natural contact.

IRIS-4540: Implementation of click-to-copy email addresses

Copy to clipboard email address is a new function in the Carbonio webmail client that allows users to copy email addresses by merely hovering the mouse over the copy option in the TO, CC, and BCC address fields when the recipient list is expanded.

IRIS-4531: Clarified private event labelling

The checkbox label has been updated, and an information icon tooltip has been added for the setting that governs the sharing of private appointments in calendars. This modification is intended to make it more apparent to users what “see my private appointments” implies in terms of detail visibility.

IRIS-4404: Improved appointment editing mode

When a user modifies an appointment, it is always opened on a separate board.

IRIS-3851: Automated initial field focus in fresh boards

When starting a new board, the first necessary field now receives automatic emphasis, resulting in increased workflow efficiency. This improvement affects Mail (body), Appointments (title), and Contacts (name), removing the requirement for manual field selection.

IRIS-3757: View full-screen conversations

By double-clicking on an email or a discussion in the list of emails, you may now view it full screen.

IRIS-3258: Improved message writing with email address drag-and-drop

Users may now write messages with ease by dragging and dropping email addresses into the TO, CC, and BCC sections.

IRIS-3067: Improved phrasing and labelling for calendar permission management.

The improved phrasing and labelling for rights management in Calendars provides users with a more simple and user-friendly approach to regulating access and sharing inside the calendar application.

IRIS-2589: Calendar View for Shared Accounts

Calendars from accounts shared with users may now be seen and managed via the Carbonio Web Mail interface. This feature improves the administration of collaborative scheduling and event planning.

COR-1004: Improved logging for attribute names that are unknown or incorrect.

Previously, if a deprecated or deleted attribute was discovered during startup, an exception with an error level was reported. With this upgrade, just a warning message will be reported, and no stack trace will be included. This modification makes log entries more succinct and informative for improved attribute management.

COR-982: Improved Admin ability to purge activeSync state table

The most recent release adds the option for administrators to remove the ActiveSync state table. This capability gives administrators more control over system performance and assures smooth synchronisation operations for ActiveSync users.

Domain operation notification scope review (COR-957)

To make the product more useable for domain administrators, we updated the notification scoper for domain-related operations so that they would get related notifications.

COR-854: Update notification address setting

Carbonio Advanced B.E. notifications now use the recipient and sender email addresses defined by the Global Admin, either at the domain or infrastructure level. This guarantees that Smart Scan, Restore Account, and HSM task alerts are delivered to the right address.

CO-883: Carbonio Bootstrap EULA Update

The EULA presented during the Carbonio setup process has been changed. The revised material now contains links to both the open-source licences on GitHub and the private Zextras EULA, ensuring that users are fully informed about Carbonio component licencing restrictions.

CO-874: LDAP upgrading after installation migration

The carbonio-directory-server LDAP schema upgrading procedure has been moved to the RPM package deployment’s post-install phase. This guarantees that schema upgrades are implemented following the installation of the package, eliminating any conflicts and dependencies during the upgrade process.

CO-850: Improved read-receipt capabilities in a shared account

When a user sends emails to shared accounts, a “Read receipt required” pop-up appears upon opening, much like with ordinary accounts.

CO-826: Optimised slogger use results in streamlined mailbox logs.

This upgrade enhances mailbox logs by lowering slogger entry density. Mailbox logs are now more organised and clutter-free thanks to revised logging levels.

CO-825: ClamAV antiviral socket error fixed

Improvements to the Antivirus Service, including changes to several settings. The ClamAV timeout socket problem that occurred during huge file scanning and heavy traffic on MTA has been resolved. This enhancement guarantees that users no longer receive messages with the topic alert “Unchecked..” and that all files are examined without service interruptions.

RFC 6266 Compliance and Handling Enhancements CO-788

This update ensures that attachment names comply with RFC 6266. It adds support for RFC-6266 compliant filename extraction, which includes non-Latin characters such as Cyrillic. The handleMultipartUpload method has also been refactored to improve readability and maintainability.

AC-825: Domain resources tab reactivation

The Domain section’s Resources tab has been reactivated. This upgrade allows administrators to view and use the Resources tab, bringing it in line with previous UI changes.

AC-807: The theme has been renamed Whitelabel Settings.

The word “Theme” in the Carbonio Admin has been changed to “Whitelabel Settings” to better describe and clarify its functionality.

AC-803: Added complete email addresses to delegated admin accounts.

Domain admin accounts in the Carbonio Admin panel now display the whole email ID with the domain, rather than the local name. Furthermore, the menu title “domain delegates” has been changed to “Delegated Domain Admins” for easier identification and a better user experience.

AC-796: Carbonio admin panel pagination capability has been improved.

Carbonio admin panel pagination problem fixed, allowing smooth scrolling through user/mail list pages. Previously, an inaccurate page count was shown, however utilising the search bar solved the problem momentarily. This problem has now been fixed to provide a smooth user experience.

AC-792: Improved domain list visibility for administrators

The Carbonio admin interface now allows administrators to see a list of all available domains without having to use the search domain filter. This upgrade offers administrators with a full domain list for easier access and control.

AC-780: Improved format for creating email accounts

For email ID construction, the first, middle, and last name fields are now concatenated with a dot (e.g., This improvement streamlines and standardises the account creation procedure.

AC-774: The Admin Login page accepts expired passwords.

The Admin Login page now accepts expired passwords and includes a change password button with old password, new password, and confirm password all on the same page.

Improved mail queue handling in AC-732

Admins may now see mails based on attributes such as sender address, recipient address, To/From domain, and mail size. Additionally, administrators may delete, queue, and hold emails, giving them more flexibility and control over the mail queue.

AC-704: Search filter enabled during record fetch error

Carbonio’s search filter feature has been enhanced for accounts with more than 1,000 users. When the API experiences a problem while retrieving records, the search filter stays active, enabling administrators to search for accounts by name.

AC-653: The global administrator can see a list of all global and delegated administrators.

Global admin may now see a list of all global and delegated administrators in the infrastructure.

AC-471: Enhancements to the carbonio admin panel’s domain creation capability.

Carbonio’s admin panel app has been modified to allow domain creation straight from the admin UI dashboard on the homepage header. This improvement guarantees that domain creation is seamless and error-free, with the “create” button in the header now working as intended.

AC-452: Increased visibility of the COS domain and accounts

Global Admins now have access to a list of domains and accounts that are connected to or allocated to a certain Class of Service (CoS). This feature intends to offer a better understanding of the consequences of changing or removing a CoS

AC-390: Improved certificate handling for administrators on the Virtual Hosts & Certificates console

Give your admins the option to manage certificates on the ‘Virtual Hosts & Certificates’ panel with ease. Admins may now use downloaded certificates with ease, selecting between full_chain + private key and certificate + chain + private key for increased security and simplicity.

UM-25 Bugfix List: Carbonio accounts now have the correct locale format.

This version corrects a problem with the returned locale format in Carbonio accounts; the Locale property in the JSON response will now appropriately match the language selected in Carbonio.

TEAMS-4105: Fixed AZERTY input deletion for moderator field Fixed a problem where using a French (AZERTY) keyboard to add a ‘.’ (dot) in the ‘Add moderator’ input field resulted in an error.

SHELL-176: Improved the “from name” input area in the New Persona.

The new name is now shown inside the input field without requiring a manual refresh, resolving the earlier issue in which the old name lingered.

SHELL-161: The ‘Discard Changes’ capability in the General Settings has been repaired.

The “Discard Changes” feature in the user interface’s General Settings has been fixed; the values have been appropriately returned to the dark mode, locale (language), and time-zone settings.

IRIS-4845: Improved appointment editing on a shared calendar

An error no longer occurs while editing appointments on a shared calendar.

IRIS-4844: A snackbar shows for appointments that have been sent.

When participants are added and the ‘Send’ button is hit when making or updating a new appointment, the ‘appointment invitation sent’ snackbar now shows appropriately.

IRIS-4841: Improved Appointment Editing in Shared Accounts

Allows users to update and save changes to appointments in a shared account without encountering issues, assuming the organiser is properly configured.

IRIS-4840: Unwanted text overlay problem fixed

The issue of unwelcome text overlaying every message has been effectively handled in ‘view by message’ mode. This was previously inconvenient, but it has now been rectified, resulting in a clearer and more user-friendly interface for message viewing.

Dynamic Calendar board headline for new appointments, IRIS-4771

In the calendar module, the board tab for adding a new appointment now dynamically shows the title. It displays “New appointment” at first and changes dependent on what the user inputs in the “Event title” input box.

IRIS-4709: Improved E-mail Filtering Option

Users may now remove the ‘Do not process additional filters’ mark from the email filter function, giving them more freedom in refining their filtering criteria.

Improved inline picture rendering in conversation view (IRIS-4708).

The text and picture alignment in the mail body have been enhanced when replying to a forwarded message with an inline image. This improvement guarantees that the conversation view, as well as the message view, now display the content consistently. We previously had an issue where emails were shown erroneously in the discussion view.

IRIS-4612: Improved board draft saving functionality

The message editing board has been improved to lessen the frequency with which draft messages are saved upon initial opening. Previously, when the editor was opened on the new board, an unnecessary draft saving was seen. The draft-saving capability is now available once material is introduced to the editing board.

IRIS-4107: Display the correct ‘Event Title’ on the appointment board tab.

The ‘Event Title’ on the board of a new appointment is now accurately shown by the tab. When generating various components with different names (a new message, a new event, and a new contact) inside the same board, all of the names of the items being generated are displayed.

Draft save prompt optimisation (IRIS-3758)

Carbonio should no longer prompt the user for draft saving unless there is manual input from the user.

IRIS-3384: Improved Calendar Context Menu

Calendar context menu choices have been optimised to remove unwanted or redundant activities.

DOCS-199: Use proper language settings in document URLs.

Certain languages are now appropriately represented in the URL when opening a document, improving user experience and accessibility.

COR-1003: Authentication timeout has been reduced.

The Auth handler timeout has been decreased to one second, guaranteeing that the login form appears quickly and that login happens quickly even if one or more app servers are unavailable.

COR-980: Carbonio prov Command has been fixed.

Fixed an issue in the carbonio prov command that was triggering warnings. The command is now executed without any warnings.

COR-963: Admin active session view permissions delegated

Delegated administrators may now examine active session data for users in their domain scopes. This feature guarantees that delegated administrators have adequate supervision without allowing them excessive access.

COR-959: Cache management automation

The local store cache folder is now cleaned up when it reaches the specified limit, preventing it from exceeding the configured cache size.

CO-878: Fixed configuration handler values

A problem that caused the Auth config handler to deliver erroneous data on request has been fixed. The handler now returns the proper values.

CO-861: Updated WSDL SOAP protocol version

When responding to a SOAP request, the protocol version is now appropriately given in the definitions.

CO-855: Carbonio WebUI Favicon Display Enhancement

The official Carbonio favicon has replaced the former Jetty symbol in the Carbonio web interface. This patch also guarantees that white labelling favicons are shown correctly, resulting in a more seamless user experience.

CO-842: Improved account-specific debug logs

Account-specific log categories have been defined and recognised by Carbonio, allowing for more verbose reporting across several services.

CO-823: Improved CalDAV client synchronisation and notification of Busy/Free status

The mail client’s free/busy status has been improved. When using MAPI clients like Thunderbird to configure CalDAV calendar sync, establishing two events for the same time slot while inviting attendees would result in a busy blue strip in the time cell. This signifies that a spot has been booked. If this strip is missing, the slot becomes available for invited guests, simplifying scheduling and calendar administration.

CO-817: ProxyConfGen: Displays Debug Output in Stdout

ProxyConfGen may now report debug information straight to stdout.

AC-829: Display the correct date and time in MTA queue

The Carbonio admin panel’s MTA queue now displays the right time, day, and date. This feature delivers precise and dependable data for effective queue management.

AC-828: Account delegation option improved

The account delegates option has been updated, and the duplicate/double option is no longer displayed.

HSM Schedule Toggle Sync (AC-808)

The Enable Schedule checkbox in the Admin UI’s HSM Settings now appropriately reflects the current state of the HSM policy schedule as validated by the CLI. The UI toggle and CLI output should now be consistent, displaying an enabled or disabled status.

AC-790: Improved admin dashboard domain quickaccess button

The Dashboard Quickaccess buttons now appropriately go to their relevant areas under Domains for Accounts and Mailing Lists, offering a consistent admin experience.