Carbonio Email Service provider

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The WSC Role offers chat capability to Carbonio CE. It is presently in BETA, therefore certain features may be missing and may not function properly.

Bootstrap Carbonio CE.

The bootstrap command will run a variety of operations and configure the node. At the end, you will be presented with a menu, and if you have previously configured everything, all you need to do is click y to confirm.

  • During the procedure, you must submit these values, which may be obtained from the first Mesh and Directory node.
  • Ldap master host is the FQDN of the first Mesh and Directory node, for example,
  • The Ldap Admin password is received from the first Mesh and Directory node.

Join Carbonio Mesh.

Carbonio Mesh is essential to provide communication between Carbonio CE and its components. The configuration is produced interactively using the command.

The command will:

  • ask for the IP address and netmask.
  • Request the Carbonio Mesh secret, which is required for configuration, management, and access to the administrative GUI. For further details, please see the Carbonio Mesh Administration Interface section.
  • This password will be referred to as MESH_SECRET throughout the manual.
  • If you lose your password or the credential file becomes damaged and unreadable, follow the steps outlined in the Carbonio Mesh Credentials section to reset it.

  • Save the configuration in the file /etc/zextras/service-discover/cluster-credentials.tar.gpg.

To complete the Carbonio Mesh installation, run

Migrate dispatcher
  • Initialise the message dispatcher.
  • Restart the service.
  • Enable the Workstream Collaboration UI.
  • The Carbonio Workstream Collaboration role is deactivated by default; however, you may enable it via the Carbonio Admin Panel or from the command line by running the command as the zextras user.
  • This command allows chat for the default COS, however you can only activate it for specific COSes.
Restart the service.