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The zextras user’s password has to be changed as a first step. This is a very crucial task since the password for this user must be strong because they have complete control over all Carbonio CE functions. In the section Manage Global Administrators, you can find further information as well as the command to change the password.

In order to access the Carbonio Admin Panel after changing the password, open a supported browser and navigate to the Proxy Node’s IP address or hostname and port 6071 (for example, Log in using the user and the newly-changed password.

If the login process is successful, navigate to Domains, choose, and then under General Settings, specify:

  • Setting the Public Server Host Name to
  • The Public Service Port, with a 443 setting.

The URL that users must access in order to use Carbonio CE’s capabilities is represented by these two values added together.

Manage global administrators.
To update the password used by the account for Web access, connect into a shell terminal as the zextras user and perform the command.
A new Global Admin may be established using the Carbonio Admin Panel; please see the section Create New Global Admin for instructions.