Utilising the Web Interface

Utilising the Web Interface

You may use one of the supported browsers listed below to get to Carbonio’s web interface. Replace the URL in a multi-server installation with the hostname or IP address of the proxy node, in this case SRV4_IP.


Since Carbonio CE uses SSL, it is strongly suggested to install an SSL certificate. Please refer to Section Deploy an SSL Certificate for directions..

Web Client

The web client is used for regular access to the e-mail account and can be used also to access other functionalities (Carbonio Files, Carbonio Docs if installed), as well as other client protocols such as IMAP or POP, and is available at https://mail.example.com/. In Carbonio User Guides you can find directions that guide you in your first steps with Carbonio CE and introduction to the most common tasks

Carbonio Admin Panel

The Carbonio Admin Panel is used for Administration access and is available at: https://mail.example.com:6071/

Here, you can manage server, domains, accounts, and other configurations. Please refer to section Carbonio Admin Panel for more information.