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Release date: June 14, 2021


  • AUTH-237 is the issue number.
  • Importing SAML configuration from an ISP
  • Description: SAML settings may now be imported straight from the ISP’s setup page.
  • AUTH-251 is the issue number.
  • Title: Enhance EAS code visualisation
  • Description: The EAS code now displays correctly with the font to PT Mono and creates the code without error (lower L), 1 (one), I (upper i), O (upper o), and 0 (zero).
  • AUTH-254 is the issue number.
  • Title: User 2FA Enforcement
  • It is now possible for a user to require two-factor authentication for his account.
  • AUTH-257 is the issue number.
  • Title: enforce2FA CLI on incorrect host
  • The enforce2FA CLI command works on all mailbox servers if the target account has been created on any server.
  • AUTH-276 is the issue number.
  • Title: Use a customer domain as the query in the URL.
  • If the customer domain is mentioned in the URL, entering the username without the domain should work.


  • BCK-559 is the issue number.
  • Title: transient folder removal / mountpoint-restore
  • Description: After restoring zxbackup, a temporary mountpoint was erased.


  • MOB-348 is the issue number.
  • Title: All-day festivities planned one day before the fix
  • A issue that caused all-day events to be booked incorrectly one day before the desired date has been resolved.


  • PS-326 is the issue number.
  • doMailboxMove necessary parameters
  • An unknown error is triggered if any parameters are missing:


  • TEAMS-2238 is the issue ID.
  • The title has been changed to Forward Action.
  • Users may now forward text messages or files from any server to any single or group discussion.
  • TEAMS-2241 is the issue ID.
  • Internal users can join an immediate meeting from URl.
  • An internal user may attend an external meeting.
  • TEAMS-2575 is the issue ID.
  • Moderators for groups have been added.
  • Users can now additionally serve as group moderators.
  • EAMS-2796 is the issue number.
  • When a user speaks, auto-switch the primary stream.
  • In cinema mode, the primary tile changes automatically depending on who is speaking.
  • TEAMS-2806 is the issue number.
  • Calendar attachments download shattered Team’s websocket connection
  • The download of Calendar attachments disrupted Team’s WebSocket connection. Fixed an issue that caused Team’s WebSocket connection to drop while calendar attachments were being downloaded.
  • TEAMS-2826 is the issue ID.
  • Limit the duration of the signal sound to 10 seconds.
  • On meetings, limit the free signal to 10 seconds.
  • TEAMS-2827 is the issue ID.
  • When a screen feed terminates, return to the previous meeting setup view.
  • When a share screen or another screen share ends, the user returns to the previous meeting view mode.
  • TEAMS-2846 is the issue ID.
  • Title: Carousel of chatting users
  • In cinema mode, talking users who are not in the carousel move position to be visible.
  • TEAMS-2856 is the issue ID.
  • The Zextras logo appears at the end of instant meetings.
  • “Powered by Zextras” has been added to instant meeting pages that will be seen by external users.
  • TEAMS-2871 is the issue number.
  • Join’s and alter the inner meeting’s tab sound
  • User A begins a meeting, switches the tab, User B enters the meeting, User A returns to meeting view, and the Meetingin sound is incorrectly played.