Carbonio Email Service provider

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CLI Features Configuration

This section describes a few commands that may be used to query or change the availability of a Carbonio component at the COS or account level using the CLI, and is therefore the counterpart of the Carbonio Admin Panel sections COS / features and Domains / Accounts / Edit.

The following attributes affect whether the functionality is available to a user or COS.

Attribute and defaults values


carbonioFeatureMailsAppEnabled, TRUE

The Mails component is available on mobile apps.

carbonioFeatureFilesEnabled: TRUE

The Carbonio Files component is available.

carbonioFeatureFilesAppEnabled: TRUE

The Carbonio Files component is available on mobile apps.

carbonioFeatureChatsEnabled: TRUE

The Carbonio Chats component is enabled

carbonioFeatureChatsAppEnabled: TRUE

The Carbonio Chats component is available on mobile apps.

You can use or modify the following instructions to change these settings.

  • Disable the Mails App for account johnsmith@acme.example.

    zextras$ carbonio prov modifyAccount johnsmith@acme.example carbonioFeatureMailsAppEnabled FALSE

  • Check whether the Carbonio Files component is enabled in COS default.

    zextras$ carbonio prov getCos default carbonioFeatureFilesEnabled
    # name default
    carbonioFeatureFilesEnabled: TRUE

  • Disable the Carbonio Chats Component in COS called noChat

    zextras$ carbonio prov modifyCos noChat carbonioFeaturChatsEnabled FALSE