Carbonio Email Service provider

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Date of release: March 7, 2022


  • AUTH-345 is the issue number.
  • Delegated administrators may now handle mobile passwords.
  • Description: Delegated admins may now generate and remove mobile credentials.


  • BCK-649 is the issue number.
  • Fix for the orphan blobs on purge problem
  • Description: Fixed an issue that caused the purge process to only destroy the blob relative to the item’s latest state, resulting in a large number of orphaned blobs in the backup path for objects having distinct blob versions, such as emails draughts.


  • PS-331 is the issue number.
  • Correction of the warning in the check blobs operation log for an unexpected folder
  • To minimise misunderstandings, a clearer warning is sent in the check blobs operation log when an unexpected folder in the storage path is found.


  • TEAMS-3403 is the issue ID.
  • Title: Chat database migration error resolved
  • Description: A problem in the Team DB conversion led it to fail when legacy Chat data was already there.