Update 23.5.0

UPDATE 23.5.0

SHELL-75’s New Features List: Improved board-wide tab behaviour

The sideboard’s tab behaviour was changed to make it more comfortable. Technology Development

IRIS-4318: If the appointment form is not saved, it will not close.

The form cannot be closed until the appointment is correctly saved if an error occurs when saving it. Technology Development

Mail list restructuring, IRIS-4142

To boost efficiency and address a few problems, the list component in the user interface underwent a complete refactoring. Epic

IRIS-3837: Shared mailboxes are supported by GetShareInfoRequest

GetShareInfoRequest are functioning properly for calendar and mail, and all grant kinds are supported. Technology Development

IRIS-3388: Trash folder restore option

By selecting the restore option in the trash folder, objects can now be returned to a particular folder. Story

Improved recent and highlighted items, file number 646

Users can now view recent and highlighted items in Files without needing to extend the filter, thanks to improvements made to the system. Story

Carbonio Auth as Consul Service (AUTH-417)

Proxy and Video recorder services can now communicate with the authentication service through Consul. Story

White QR code in dark mode: AC-641

It is now simpler to scan the Auth QR code in Dark mode because it is white. Task

Confirmation on an empty password (AC-623)

A confirmation is needed when an administrator tries to empty a password after which the password is simply empty. Story

Banner for a locked domain, AC-514

Now, in all domain-related sections (for GAL, Authentication, Accounts, Mailing list, etc.), you will see a banner for closed domains. Story

Control of the global admin MTA’s antivirus and anti-spam software

With this enhancement, the Global Admin will have the necessary access privileges and functionality to control the MTA AntiVirus and AntiSpam default settings. Story

TSK-40’s bugfix list includes better hover bar actions. In the shadows

The activities of the hover bar are now discernible in dark mode. Bug

SHELL-112: Updated feedback board

Webmail should display the board where feedback can be left. Bug

SHELL-79: Board with message writing module showing.

While browser windows restore or shrink from mobile view to desktop view, messages are currently not moved from main board to draught. It is enhanced Bug

Corrected myme-type from Thumbnail API in PREV-113

It has been fixed so that the Thumbnail API now returns the correct mime-type for the images. Bug

Move action in link folder message fixed in IRIS-4354

The Carbonio apps no longer crash as a result of the problem that caused it while moving a message from the associated folder. Bug

IRIS-4323: Improved message move modal

The single message move modal has been updated, and now it correctly displays the word “Move Message” as its title. Bug

4305: The folder selection’s labels were fixed.

The correct labels for the nested folders are now visible in the folder picker’s list of folders. The folder path’s final component is no longer repeated. Bug

IRIS-4270: The nested folder search message has been improved

The visualisation of the messages is changed every message, and there is no longer any error when looking for messages in nested folders. Bug

IRIS-4267: Improved email list for shared folders

The shared folder’s mail list no longer vanishes after selecting an email. Bug

IRIS-4261: The right number is displayed for unread discussions

In shared folders, the right number of unread conversions is now displayed. Bug

Undo button fixed (-4254)

The Undo button is now operational. If you click it while writing a new message, the mail is not sent. Bug

IRIS-4218: Calendar avatar string for user name

When an image is not provided, Calendar now creates the avatar using the name’s initials. Bug

IRIS-4207: Access share for main calendar on calendar

Copying the primary calendar links has been added. Bug

IRIS-4183: Conversation and message badges are translated

The badges in the discussion and message lists have been translated as of late. Bug

Improved calendar sharing, IRIS-4177

If you share the calendar, click Edit Properties, make no changes, and then click OK, calendar sharing won’t be interrupted. This is an improvement. Bug

 Read/unread in private and shared folders 4064
Emails in shared folders and custom folders can now be marked as read or unread. Bug
IRIS-4058: Creating a new appointment fails to identify shared calendars that have been deleted or cancelled
The drop-down list for shared calendars that have been deleted or revoked is no longer visible when establishing a new appointment. Bug
IRIS-4050: It is possible to permanently erase emails in the Junk folder
Emails in the “Junk” folder can now be permanently removed or erased and then restored. Bug
Read messages from search results, IRIS-3972
The ability to read brand-new messages from search results is now available. Bug
IRIS-3928: Save draught model and delete draught popup
A model “delete draught” and “save draught” popup now appears on the board when answering to a search message and dismissing it without taking any action. Bug
IRIS-3893: Enhanced multiple selection actions menu
The actions menu for multiple selections has been updated, and utilising multiple selections no longer results in any missing actions for folders. Bug
IRIS-3721: Calendar waste removal is functional
Now, when you click the trash icon in the calendar and choose to empty it, the trash folder is empty and the popup is dismissed. Bug
IRIS-3639: The emblem and description of the calendar
When the Calendar menu is collapsed, the icon for the calendar and information about it are now displayed when the pointer is over the icon. Bug
IRIS-3469: Order of email chat threads
The order of the email conversation threads has changed to place the most recent email at the top. Bug
IRIS-3306: When hovering over a message, icons should appear as intended.
The three message icons (‘mark as read,’ ‘flag,’ and ‘delete’) are now displayed when a message is hovered over.
The “reply,” “reply all,” and “forward” icons are now displayed when the message is selected and opened in the displayer. Hovering over the previous message with another list selected reveals the “mark as read,” “flag,” and “delete” symbols.
FILES-671: Upload of large files
Fixed an issue that prevented files larger than 200MB from uploading.
FILES-514: Dark mode cleanup for unselected files
the question mark from the Files’ unselected files. Bug
DOCS-186: Multi-instance Files and Docs problem repair
a bug that caused issues when many users simultaneously modified a Docs document in a multi-server setup with multiple instances of carbonio-files, carbonio-docs-editor, and carbonio-docs-connector was fixed. Bug
COR-893: Removal of subscription following token revocation
Fixed a problem that allowed the admin to cancel the token but still have the get License Info function return a valid subscription. Bug
Rewrite mistakes are eliminated at restart, CO-693
On service restart, false errors were removed from the Carbonio logs. Bug
CO-690: Improved shared mailbox
Emails sent from shared mailboxes are now indicated as read after they have been sent. Bug
CO-686: Fix for service-discover service using Carbonio bootstrap
When carbonio-bootstrap is issued more than once, the service-discover service is no longer deleted. Bug
Unattended carbonio-bootstrap fixed in CO-655
In order to prevent numerous HAM/SPAM/VIRUS accounts from being created and set in the global configuration when running unattended, the carbonio-bootstrap has been revised. Bug
Bucket creation modal fixed in AC-690
In the admin console, the bucket creation modal has been addressed. Bug
AC-578: COS-inherited quota value
Now, the configured quota value in the COS level is reflected in the account settings. Bug
AC-568: Enhanced local volume creation
The admin can no longer alter the volume name while creating a local volume in the second stage of the wizard. Bug
Removal of the description field during mailing list creation (AC-554)
You will no longer encounter a blank description field while creating a mailing list because the description field has been removed from the process. Bug
Fix for AC-509: Signature format
Now that the account settings in the admin panel have been adjusted, the signature displays the proper format. Bug
AC-434: Removed execute rights from the public folder
To prevent any admin files from being executed from this location, the execution privileges from the public folder in the path /opt/zextras/web/login/assets have been deleted. Bug