Carbonio Email Service provider

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This section presently includes two installation scenarios: a single-server with all roles deployed on the same node, and a five-node configuration that is appropriate for modest infrastructure. The Single-Server configuration is recommended for infrastructures that do not include all roles, as well as demo and testing environments. If you want to install and utilise the Video Server, you should consider using the 5 Nodes scenario, as the Carbonio VideoServer takes a significant amount of resources.

More scenarios will be introduced in the future to accommodate infrastructures of varying sizes.

Before commencing the installation, keep in mind that:

  • Always begin with the installation of mesh and directory roles.
  • When installing several Roles on a Node (for example, Proxy and MTA like in), the actions described in Bootstrap Carbonio and Join Carbonio Mesh stages may be done only once, once all packages of the Roles have been installed.

Scenario A: Single-Server Installation with 5 Nodes.