Changelog Version 23.5.0

Changelog Version 23.5.0

The following is the Changelog for Carbonio 23.5.0, which was published on May 15th, 2023.

IRIS-3953: Carbonio Web UI subfolders are not extended in the New Features List

Subfolders are not extended the first time you use Carbonio Web UI.

IRIS-3208: The maximum number of chips in the contact input has been extended from 20 to 1000 for To, CC, and BCC.

DOCS-171: Docs installation disregards the consul UUID

while reinstalling the docs editor package, it should disregard the consul UUID for the old entry while executing pending-setups.

DOCS-169: When editing a document, you may see the information of other participants.

When other collaborators modify a shared document, we can now view their information (user name).

COR-842: PostgreSQL operation log should be moved.

Postgres has now been used to store the operation logs.

CO-659: Turn off antivirus protection.

Admins can now disable Amavis antivirus.

CO-597: Carbonio-clamav as a consul mesh service

ClamAV is now registered as a service in consul mesh, and carbonio-clamav upstream has been added for carbonio-mta. Carbonio-bootstrap links the carbonio-clamav with the antiviral service. The term carbonio-clamav has been changed to carbonio-antivirus. Carbonio-bootstrap script may also be used to change the value (true/false) of carbonio-antivirus. Additionally, the bootstrap script allows you to change the notification address for AV alerts.

CO-592: Change the default setting for zimbraSmtpRestrictEnvelopeFrom to something else.

To enhance the default management of bounce messages, change the default value of the “zimbra Smtp Restrict Envelope From” property from TRUE to FALSE. SPF alignment fails if the return path is not the same as the “From” address.

AC-500: The administrator can clear the user password from LDAP.

Using the admin interface, administrators may now empty the user password from LDAP.

AC-446: The administrator has the ability to control user application credentials.

Admin may now manage user application credentials from the admin panel.

AC-417: The AD setup allows login verification.

The login verify may now be used by the AD configuration to check login.

AC-380: Admin can manage galsync accounts 

From the admin panel, the admin may now create and delete GalSync accounts created after domain formation.

SHELL-73: When closing one board tab, another board tab opens appropriately

Now, after closing one board tab, another board tab works as intended.

SHELL-47: When switching from one component to another, the view does not reset.

When switching from one component to another, the view no longer resets.

PS-459: Improved S3 bucket validation

To enhance the testS3Connection command, a file is now uploaded to the bucket, read, and then removed to ensure that the bucket is functioning properly.

PREV-110: PDF thumbnails now function in file upload Working PDF thumbnails in file upload windows

MOB-407: Fixed attachment name encoding through EAS.

When synchronising through EAS, attachment names containing non-ASCII characters were incorrectly encoded due to a problem.

IRIS-4241: The drag of a message or discussion is functioning properly.

Dragging a mail item from one folder to another works as expected.

IRIS-4240: improved new appointment

You may now write properly and simply inside the board’s text area when making a new appointment.

IRIS-4238: Improvements to shared accounts

The preview action’s moving message now works on shared accounts.

IRIS-4160: Language translations for files, emails, contacts, and calendars

Files, emails, contacts, and calendars are now translated according to the language specified. predicted outcome

IRIS-3974: Truncated Email Text Issue Resolved

When reading an email, the issue “truncated text” occurs, when content between “” and “>” characters is lost. This problem only occurs in the webmail UI and not in the Carbonio mobile app.

IRIS-3937: Improved Italian translation

While writing a new email BCC is now spelt CCN in Italian.

IRIS-3841: UI problem repair for mail deletion

Fixed an issue that caused deleted emails to remain in the inbox after being removed. After pressing the trash icon, the emails are now immediately gone from the inbox.

IRIS-3524: Improved Polish translation

The Polish translation is now better.

IRIS-3353: Calendar work public shares

The public share calendar is functioning normally. All verification steps have been completed.

FILES-638: The user has the option of opening a specific version of the document.

The user can now open a specific version of the content without seeing a http 500 problem.

FILES-629: The Share button has been translated into the specified language.

The share button is now translated to the specified language based on the language settings in the user account.

FILES-624: Improved Search Button Accordion Translation

This enhancement focuses on ensuring that the accordion operations of the search button are accurately translated into the specified language.

COR-905: Password change is now available.

Passwords can now be changed by users.

COR-901: Domain administrator is no longer receiving json errors

 When editing an account, the domain administrator does not receive a json error.

CO-695: Resolve NoOp SOAP Request Failed

This enhancement corrects the NoOp SOAP Request that occurs when users log in to an account.

BCK-685: The example of using setBackupVolume has been improved.

In the “Usage Example” section, all setBackupVolume commands have been updated.

AUTH-521: A delegated administrator can handle the user’s OTP and Application Credentials.

Help Desk (Domain) Administrators may now manage users’ OTP and Credentials.

AC-575: The wording on the DL and GAL button labels has been corrected.

The user interface in the mailing list and GAL steps has been improved, notably the size of the DL and GAL button, and the default behaviour has been increased by scaling the button to properly show the content.

AC-532: Delegated admin fields are not flashing

The Public service protocol and time zone fields no longer flash while logged in as a delegated admin.


AC-526: Improved GalSync LDAP Filter

The GalSync LDAP Filter has been changed by substituting gn with the appropriate value.Name


AC-522: Domain deletion improved

The deleted domain is no longer included in the domain list, and the resources are no longer accessible from anywhere.


AC-519: The size of the “Change to” button has been corrected in the GAL configuration.

The user interface in the GAL setup has been improved, notably the size of the “Change To…” button; the default behaviour has been increased by scaling the button to show the text suitably.

AC-478: The restore account wizard has been improved.

The restore account process has been enhanced so that you may progress only if the account to be restored is selected.