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Carbonio Mesh is a key component of Carbonio, and it is built on HashiCorp’s Consul. This article is intended to give some of the most commonly used CLI commands for inspecting and resolving issues that may emerge when using Consul.

It is possible to communicate with Consul on any node in a cluster, however keep in mind that the consul is always active on the current node. To operate on a different node, you must explicitly mention it. For example, this command will reveal all services running on node with #ID 7ea9631e.

Retrieve Token.

The initial step in using Consul is to get the bootstrap-token, which allows you to connect to and interact with the service.

Export the token, which looks like this: e5a4966f-a83e-689d-618d-08a0fe7e695b.

To automate the export procedure, use the following one-liner:

Common Cluster Operations

To investigate a cluster, use the following commands:

Common Service Operations

These commands allow you to get and manage a list of services registered in a Consul cluster.