Privacy Overview of the Carbonio CLI

Privacy Overview of the Carbonio CLI

Privacy The Carbonio CLI, commonly known as the Carbonio Shell, is an interactive shell that allows Carbonio commands to be executed. Simply login to Carbonio through console and execute it to get started.

# carbonio

The prompt will change to carbonio> , and you will be able to auto-complete using tab . All commands you run are saved in the command history, so they are all in one location and easily accessible.

Remove the initial carbonio from the shell and just use the sub-command and arguments. For example, with Carbonio CLI, command may be performed as

# carbonio chats clusterstatus

can be run in Carbonio CLI as

carbonio> chats clusterstatus

All Carbonio commands, including provisioning (i.e., carbonio prov), are supported by the Carbonio CLI.

It is also possible to add arguments to any command; for example, you may execute

carbonio> --progress powerstore doVolumeToVolumeMove sourceVolume destVolume

Privacyand observe relevant messages written on the screen while data is transferred from  sourceVolume  to  destVolume.

You may pipe numerous carbonio instructions to the carbonio shell by saving them in a file (named  carbonio-commands.txt above). Consider the file  carbonio-commands.txt, which contains the following commands:

prov ca ''
prov sp password
mobile doAddAccountLogger debug /tmp/
prov ma zimbraFeatureMobileSyncEnabled TRUE
prov sm cf /test
prov sm addMessage /test /tmp/email.eml
prov ma zimbraFeatureMobileSyncEnabled FALSE
prov da ''
prov fc all

All of these commands may be used as

# cat carbonio-commands.txt | carbonio

This is handy, for example, when looking for a method that involves the execution of a series of carbonio commands: Copy and paste them into a file, then execute them all consecutively without having to copy and paste each command.