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The Changelog for Carbonio 23.3.0, published on March 20, 2023, is available here.

Admin Console & Login UI, component

AC-496: Changed Gal default name

Internal Gal is now the default GAL name for new domains.

AC-465: Admin console’s richtext rendering has been corrected

Admins who added new signatures to user accounts encountered unintended behaviour that resulted in rendering issues with the rich text editor, which was fixed.

Delegate transmit settings are added to account management (AC-423).

The admin console’s account settings now allow you to control the delegate functionality.

Improved privacy options in the feedback area, AC-410

The administrator may now quickly alter the privacy settings from the feedback panel.

AC-408: Update Theme Management’s Logo URL

Using the Carbonio domain’s theme administration or global preferences, the administrator may now modify the URL of the logo.

Admin can change COS/User characteristics, according to AC-405

In COS and user settings, features may now be activated and removed from the admin panel.

Downloadable quota reports: AC-373

Mailbox quota reports in CSV format for numerous accounts are now available for download by domain administrators.

element: mails

IRIS-4011: Search results can open the attached EML file

Users may now access EML attachment files from search results to emails.

Open appointments from search results, IRIS-3962

Now, appointments may be opened directly from search results.

IRIS-3901: Better calendar search outcomes

The appointments for the previous and next 30 days are now returned in the search results.

Add attachments from Files Refactored (IRIS-3897)

It is now simpler to add attachments and public links from Files thanks to the refactored add attachments from Files functionality.

IRIS-3885: Popup redirection for new mail notifications was corrected

Now, when a user clicks on a new mail notification popup, they are brought to the appropriate mail tab.

White label compliance in user settings is IRIS-3821.

In order to adhere to the white label design, Carbonio and Zextras were taken out of the app versions in the user’s general settings.

Shared calendars group fixed, IRIS-3777

It is now added to the “shared calendars” group when a calendar is added from the “find shares” list.

IRIS-3760: Time period added to appointments search

The time window for which appointments can be searched can now be specified by the user.

IRIS-3759: Better appointment previews

Now, the calendar simultaneously displays the tiny and big previews.

IRIS-3745: Adding room moderators to the list of participants for appointments

When a user makes an appointment and contextually establishes a virtual room with moderators, the moderators are now included to the attendees.

IRIS-3740: Improved background colour for certain emails

Focused emails are now distinguishable from the others by having a different background colour, whether they are selected or unread, even while the user is navigating the list using the keyboard.

IRIS-3672: Advanced filter’s duplicate fields were deleted

The advanced search filters no longer include the redundant fields.

EML attachments viewer IRIS-3663

Email attachment EML files may now be opened

IRIS-3474: Left-moving appointment icons

In order to be visible even on appointments that overlap, the “private” and “action request” icons have been moved from the upper right to the upper left corner in the preview.

IRIS-3255: Added buttons for “SELECT ALL” and “DESELECT ALL”

All of the emails in a list cannot be selected or deselected with a single click.

Carbonio, a component

CO-544: Remove empty virtual hostname

Administrators may now use modifyDomain with an empty option to delete zimbraVirtualHostname.

CO-513: Unlisted accounts are automatically denied

Now, emails sent to nonexistent recipients can be rejected using a feature that is turned on by default.

‘http’ and’mixed’ modes have been eliminated (CO-499)

The Nginx configuration no longer supports http or mixed mode.

CO-491: CalDAV controlled the ‘Schedule-agent’ header

When synchronising a Calendar via CalDAV, Carbonio now supports the Schedule-agent header.

Core component

Documentation for ‘unloadMailbox’ has been added, COR-853

The unloadMailbox CLI tool now has examples and documentation.

COR-851: Configuring the Auth API for SAML

There is now an API to handle SAML configuration either the admin panel or CLI.

Component: EAS/Mobile

MOB-398: EAS name encoding for attachments was corrected

Fixed an issue that led to non-ASCII characters in attachment names being incorrectly encoded while synchronising via EAS.

Feature: Storages

PS-456: Enhanced storage and file performance

To enhance the usage of Nginx lookup and Memcached and decrease the number of threads, the interface between Files and Storages has been refactored.