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This is Carbonio’s documentation, a completely private digital workspace.

The information is divided into four sections:

  • Release. a list of the problems resolved in the most recent version of Carbonio, along with instructions for upgrading
  • Install. Instructions for installation and upgrading, details on Carbonio’s design, and security advice
  • Admin using GUI. utilising the Carbonio Admin Panel to manage Carbonio
  • Admin using CLI. Command-line management of Carbonio: management chores and some sophisticated Carbonio Mesh usage
  • Use. Carbonio’s regular use, including its use on specific mobile apps
  • Build. API reference links
Please visit the page specifically dedicated to Carbonio CE’s documentation if you’re seeking for it.


Changelog 23.5.0

Carbonio Upgrade




Describe Carbonio.

Languages that are Supported by the Browser

Participation in the Documentation Search Aid for Carbonio

How to file a complaint

Core Components of Carbonio’s Architecture

Optional Add-Ons

Compatible Mail Protocols

Installation Requirements for Carbonio

Installation of a single server

Installation of many servers

Place a Directory Server Replica in Place

Delete the Carbonio Logger.

Security for Web Interface Access

Put an SSL Certificate into use

Installation Integrated Services of Carbonio: Add a DKIM Record

LDAP Security Turn Off Amavis Anti-Virus

Admin by GUI:

  • Carbonio Admin Panel Overview
  • White Labelling
  • Domains
    • Create New Domain
    • Global
    • Domain Details
    • Manage Domains
  • Class of Services (COS)
    • Features
    • Preferences
    • Server Pools
    • Advanced
  • Storage
    • Global Servers
    • Server Details
  • Subscriptions
  • Privacy
  • Backup
    • Global Server Settings
  • Notifications
  • Operations

CLI admin:


Overview of the Carbonio CLI’s administrative tasks Carbonio Auth E-mail Aliases Management

Domain Caps

Tasks in Advanced Administration

Setting Features for Carbonio Backup Common Tasks for Carbonio Backup

Design of Carbonio Backup

SmartScan Realtime Scanner Backup Mode Without Blobs

Backup Backup on External Storage: Backup Purge Limitations and Special Cases

Backup and Restore Techniques

Restore on New Account Single Item Time-frame Advanced Techniques for Restoring a Backup from an External Device

Items Unrecoverable After a Disaster

Making Additional and Offsite Backups of the Volume Operation of Carbonio Backup Management of Queues and Queues

COS-level Backup Administration

Enable Carbonio Mobile Synchronisation for a COS using Carbonio Mobile

Switch on Carbonio Mobile for One User

Disable Sync for a Device and an Account

Advanced Settings for the Mobile Password Feature on SyncStates

Filters EAS

Account Loggers for Mobile

Control of devices using Allow/Block/Quarantine (ABQ)

Contact Book Service

Carbonio Storages Overview

Stores at Carbonio

Integrated Storage

Volume Control

Storage Management Policy Management in Hierarchy

Using S3 buckets and Carbonio Storages

Advanced Volume Operations with Items

Needs for Carbonio VideoServer

Architecture for Installing a VideoServer on a Carbonio System and Service Control

Bandwidth and Codec Scaling in Carbonio VideoServer

Customizations for Advanced Settings for Recording a Video Meeting

NGINX Schemas

Add a MariaDB index

Utilising Carbonio Mesh

Certificates for Carbonio Mesh

Including Outside Services

Configure several Carbonio Mesh servers

Interface for Carbonio Mesh Administration



sing Carbonio Manuals

Quick Search And New Object Creation Functionalities

For users, Carbonio Auth

Preview Mails

Calendars Contacts




Public Folders

Apps that Search Settings for Mobile Devices

APPs for smartphones Install mobile clients. Features

the files’ preview Smartphone APPs Configuration.


Carbonio API Third-party API