Carbonio Email Service provider

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Date of release: May 23rd, 2022


  • AUTH-318 is the issue number.
  • Title: SAML incorrect log reports corrected
  • Description: When using SAML, the account status is now recorded in audit.log. Authenticated successful was reported for each zimbraAccountStatus prior to the change.

  • AUTH-370 is the issue number
  • Logout once temporary link is repaired
  • Description: A issue that caused a 500 HTTP error while logging out after opening webmail with a temporary link has been fixed.

  • AUTH-382 is the issue number.
  • Improvements to the Auth DB cleaner function
  • Description: The Auth DB cleaning operation no longer places mailboxes in maintenance mode while it is executing. This allows for parallel activities on the mailboxes throughout the cleaning process. The planned time of the operation can now be changed using the server’s configuration command.

  • BCK-569 is the issue number.
  • patch for the doItemSearch command
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the doItemSearch command from working properly. The command now returns the results based on the filters specified.
  • BCK-580 is the issue number.
  • Override quota for external restoration operations
  • The mailbox quota is been eliminated during the restore procedure to make the external restore operation more reliable and minimise issues. Once the process is completed successfully, the quota is reset.
  • BCK-651 is the issue number.
  • Accounts folder corrected after transferring to external backup
  • A issue caused the accounts’ metadata to be incorrectly uploaded to the bucket’s root folder. The metadata files have now been correctly posted to the accounts folder.
  • COR-680 is the issue number.
  • Title: IE11 fixes for right-clicking on contact and calendar folders
  • When the com_zextras_client zimlet is active, a problem prevents right-clicking on contacts and calendars folders in Internet Explorer 11 from working properly.
  • MOB-360 is the issue number.
  • At startup, ABQ is deactivated.
  • To preserve server resources, a new abq_enabled_at_startup attribute has been introduced to the settings to prevent the ABQ functionality from being loaded at server startup if it is not needed.
  • MOB-362 is the issue number.
  • Fixed ABQ set command title
  • The ABQ API has been modified to correct an issue that prohibited the set command from working with devices that were not already in the list.
  • PS-329 is the issue number.
  • Title: Creating Splitted Volumes and Buckets
  • To make the new volume creation experience easier for administrators, bucket creation has been separated by volume creation instructions. Administrators may now create a new bucket and use its UUID to give to the volume creation function.
  • PS-423 is the issue number.
  • Mailbox relocation bypasses non-local accounts
  • Description: In response to customer requests, the doMailboxMove operation now bypasses non-local accounts to avoid difficulties caused by running the command on the incorrect server.
  • TEAMS-3656 is the issue ID.
  • Add a tooltip to the disabled create button in the group and space creation modals.
  • Description: To explain why the create buttons are disabled on the creation modal, a tooltip has been included that indicates that something is missing or has to be corrected.
  • TEAMS-3720 is the issue ID.
  • Minichat is not opening on Suite.
  • Description: If the user manually opens the minichat, it works; however, if the setting is set to open the minichat for each message, it does not operate automatically.
  • TEAMS-3722 is the issue ID.
  • After internal meetings, the red dot on the camera is retained.
  • The resources are preserved after the user closes the call when using internal mode. As a result, the tab retains the red-dot on the browser’s tab.
  • TEAMS-3727 is the issue ID.
  • Title: Fixed Move Room
  • Description: Fixed a problem that caused a room to vanish while switching servers.