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Using a Shared Account is fairly similar to using a standard account. The most relevant are:

  • The read/unread state of emails. When an unread e-mail is opened, its status switches to read (i.e., the e-mail is no longer shown in bold letters, and the number of unread e-mails is reduced by one unit), independent of who opened it. In other words, the e-mail does not have to be viewed by all users to be recognised as read.
  • Contact management: A user’s address book and the address book of the shared account are kept separate. When you send an e-mail from your (personal) account to someone who is not in your address book, the recipient’s e-mail address is automatically saved in your address book’s Emailed contacts

Similarly, when you send an e-mail from a shared account, the (unknown) recipient’s e-mail address is added to the shared account’s address book, with the added benefit that this e-mail address is immediately visible to all users having access to the shared account.