Carbonio Email Service provider

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The Contacts component allows you to keep track of all the individuals with whom you exchange emails and organise them into address books. Existing address books display in the column to the right of the component list. You may establish a new contact by clicking the NEW button and selecting New Contact; they will be saved in the Contacts section of the Contacts component. You may also select the address book in which the new contact is saved. Furthermore, Tags may be applied to any contacts.

Deleted contacts are stored in the special Trash address book until you manually clear it. To do so, right-click the address book and choose Empty Trash.

A right-click on the address book lets you to do several actions on it and its contents, including editing, sharing, emptying, and deleting it. Furthermore, new address books may be created. Icons for each contact allow you to perform various operations such as deleting, moving, or sending an e-mail to that contact.

If a coworker has shared an address book, click the FIND SHARES button under Shared Address Book and enter the email address. You will see all of the address books that the user has shared.

The search bar allows you to search among contacts. The ADVANCED FILTER option allows you to further focus your search. You may also select to include shared address books in the search.

Configure the CardDav client.

Adding a Carbonio address book to your chosen CardDAV client is simple and only takes a few clicks.

In this instance, the user wants to import an address book from the domain into Mozilla Thunderbird. In the remainder, replace these values with appropriate ones.