Carbonio Email Service provider

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The remote servers, buckets, and volumes used to store the Carbonio things (emails, documents, and so forth) are configured and managed in this area.

International Servers Server List

Here, a list of every configured server is displayed.

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The CREATE + button may be used to add a new bucket to the list. You may enter the URL and access credentials, as well as any other information needed to set up and test communication with the distant bucket, in the initial dialogue. After that, you may construct volumes in the bucket by going to the section below titled Data Volumes.

Server Information

Select a server, examine its already utilised volumes, allocate new ones, and configure HSM rules may all be done under the Server Details area.

Records Volumes

After choosing the server, a few configurable parameters and the volumes it is presently using are displayed. Click the NEW VOLUME button to add a new volume.

Give the allocation type, name, and path of the new volume in the dialogue window’s first tab along with other necessary details.

The allocation affects the second tab:

  • Local: Choose the path on which to mount the volume, its main, secondary, or index status; if required, choose a compression threshold; and lastly, determine if this will replace the present volume.
  • Choose the kind of object storage—primary, secondary, or index volume—and a prefix to identify the volume. This volume may be set to be centrally managed, which is advantageous if it has to be shared by several servers.

HSM Preferences

The HSM settings are the rules for handling emails, documents, contacts, and events automatically from the mailstore.

HSM Policies may be set up to run automatically on predetermined days and times. Following this process, deduplication can be enabled to conserve space by maintaining just one copy of an item when there are duplicates.

Establish a New Policy

A new HSM policy may be quickly created using the dialogue that appears after selecting NEW VOLUME.