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Sharing files with a coworker is a common occurrence: send them via Carbonio Chats or as attachments to emails, and store them to Carbonio Files.

Carbonio Preview allows you to have a brief glance at these files. PDFs, text documents, spreadsheets, and other office files, as well as photos, are all supported for preview, with the exception of the svg format.

To preview a supported file, simply click on its name: the Details view will appear. Click the little magnifier symbol above the information to view an automated preview in JPG format, centred and resized to fit the browser window size. PDF files may be scrolled using buttons (PageUp, PageDown, Home, End).

To open a file for editing in Carbonio Files, right-click on the file name and select Open Document from the drop-down menu.

Once a document is opened in preview mode, you may share, download, or print it.

Depending on the browser and its settings, the print action may begin immediately or a print dialogue will appear.