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The licencing system is built on the following rules.

  • Zextras Suite is delivered as a complete package, with features that may be activated or disabled dependent on the licence file.
  • At any one moment, only one licence file can be active.
  • Licence files are not “cumulative” in the sense that when one is installed, it replaces the preceding one.
Installing a Licence File

Download the proper licence to install a Licence File.zx file from your customer service area and:

  • Log in to Zimbra’s Administration Console using the admin account.
  • Select Core (under the Zextras Suite category) in the Administration Console’s Left Pane to open the Zextras Core tab.
  • In the Upload Licence area, click the Browse button and navigate to the license.zx file you downloaded.
  • Save the file.
If the licence file is legitimate, your Licence Status should be legitimate and your Licence Type should be Purchased. All other data should be updated correspondingly.
CLI installation If you are having trouble uploading your licence, you may try using the Zextras CLI. Simply upload your licence file to your Zimbra server’s /tmp/ folder and perform the following commands as the zimbra user:
Upgrades to Licences
When a licence is upgraded, a new licence file is produced; this file must be installed as soon as possible because the update marks the existing licence file as ‘Upgraded’ and will invalidate it after 7 days.
Recipient of a Licence Warning
Because the person in charge of licence management is unlikely to be the same as the person in charge of server management (and vice versa), Zextras Suite allows the administrator to specify one or more additional email addresses that will only receive license-related notifications and warnings.
To do so, put the relevant addresses in the Additional Licence Warning Emails field in the Notifications section of the Core tab of the Zextras Administration Zimlet as a comma-separated list.
Activation and Initialization of Modules
All bought modules are instantly enabled once your Zextras Suite Licence is installed.
However, each module may require its own startup in order to be completely effective.
How to Uninstall a Licence
To remove a licence and return to trial mode, just delete the /opt/zimbra/conf/zextras/[license_name].zx file while all Zimbra services are unavailable. Keep in mind that reverting to trial mode will not restart the trial timer (so if you installed Zextras Suite more than 30 days before the licence removal, your backup system will be shut down due to the trial expiration).