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Carbonio Docs is built on a fully adapted LibreOffice online package, which enhances Carbonio’s capacity to allow all members of the company to participate in editing various sorts of documents, such as text documents, word processors, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Carbonio Docs integrates seamlessly with objects stored in Carbonio Files and email attachments, which are handled by a specialised Carbonio Docs component.

When one wishes to edit a document, a connection to a Carbonio Docs server instance is established, and a copy of the file is fetched and shown in the user’s browser. When modifications are made, only changes to the client are transmitted back, ensuring the correctness and fidelity of the document between client and server while reducing bandwidth usage to a minimum.

Every document may be shown in either read-only mode, with a basic GUI limited to viewing capabilities, or edit (read/write) mode, with a complete GUI.
Key Features:
  • The most popular core features of Carbonio Docs are:
  • View and edit documents in both single-use and collaborative modes.
  • The same functions of LibreOffice desktop software are provided.
  • Support for collaborative editing features in any contemporary browser, with no extra or third-party plugins required.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Office documents.
  • Interoperability across platforms and operating systems.
  • Maintaining the layout and formatting of papers stored in various formats or file types:
  • Text files (odt, docx, doc, txt, rft, and more)
  • spreadsheets (ods, xlsx, and xls)
  • Presentations (odp, pptx, ppt).
  • Ability to save the same file in many formats or file types.
  • Support for exporting documents as PDF files.
  • Preview and thumbnail creation for most image formats (PNG, GIF, JPEG, and others).
  • Preview for PDF files
  • Limited GUI for read-only documents; complete GUI for all read and write documents.