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Before attempting to install the Directory Replica Role, please carefully read the whole method on this page and ensure that all of the following prerequisites are met.

  • A Carbonio infrastructure is already functioning well.
  • A new Node is available to install the Replica, which fulfils the requirements and has already completed the preliminary tasks.
  • Take note that certain commands must be done as the zextras user, while others as the root user.
  • Give the new node a relevant name or FQDN. We will utilise as needed. Remember to replace it with the name you provided.
  • Have CLI access to the Main and Replica, since you will need to perform tasks on both systems.


The installation requires that you install this package on the node where you intend to deploy the Directory Replica Role.


There are several stages involved in configuring the Directory Replica server.

Execute the first two steps on the node that has the Mesh and Directory Role installed.

Now, log in to the Directory Replica to finish the setting.

  1. After successfully installing the Directory Replica, you may do the following brief test to see if it works properly.
  2. Log into the Mesh and Directory Node and create a test user with a password.
  3. Log in to the Directory Replica and ensure that all accounts have been copied across from the Mesh and Directory.
  4. Among the results, must appear.
  5. On the Directory Replica, perform the command.
  6. If everything works well, the command’s output will look like this:
Set up a Directory Replica to answer queries.

It is now time to setup the Directory Replica to respond to queries. This entails reconfiguring the value of the ldap_url option to refer to the Directory Replica. You may complete this setup with a few Mesh and Directory commands.

  1. Stop all Carbonio services.
  2. Update the value of ldap_url.

If you intend to install numerous Directory Replicas, you can install all of them and then run the above-mentioned command once for each Replica, ensuring that their hostnames come before the Mesh and Directory hostnames. If you have deployed two Replica Directory Servers at and ldap://, use the following command to query the first Directory Replica instance displayed.

Uninstall a directory replica.
  1. To delete a Directory Replica, you need to perform two tasks:
  2. On each node of the installation, perform the following command.
If you have created several Directory Replicas, the above command will route all requests to the Mesh and Directory Node. If you wish to remove only a few Directory Replicas, list all hostnames except the one you want to remove. To delete ldap://, execute the command on the MTA node.
This command will update the postfix settings with the updated ldap_url.