Carbonio Email Service provider

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Carbonio is a bootstrapped carbonio.

Start the Carbonio bootstrapping procedure.

You must give these values during the procedure, which you may obtain from the initial Mesh and Directory node.

  • The FQDN of the first Mesh and Directory node is the Ldap master host (example:
  • The first Mesh and Directory node provides the Ldap Admin password (ldap-admin-password).
Join the Carbonio Mesh.

Carbonio Mesh will run as an agent, connecting to and communicating with the server. The agent’s configuration is produced by launching command.

This command will do the following:

  • request the current Node’s IP address and netmask
  • Request the Carbonio Mesh secret, which is saved on the Directory Leader node in the file /var/lib/service-discover/password.

After the setup has been finished successfully, use the secret to run the following command.

Configure Memcached.

To enable Carbonio Preview to function properly, edit the file /etc/carbonio/preview/config.ini and look for the variables nginx_lookup_servers_full_path_urls and memcached_server_full_path_urls, which appear one after the other at the end.

Ensure that:

  • In line one, the protocol is https, and the IP address is the address of the Mailstore and Provisioning Node, which is
  • Also, provide the port used by Preview, 7072.
  • Line 2 contains the IP address ( of the Proxy Node, which allows access to Memcached.
  • Also mention Memcached’s port, 11211.

If you have numerous Mailstore, Provisioning, or Proxy Nodes, include them all in a comma-separated list, for example: