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The Carbonio Admin Panel, which is pre-installed in Carbonio versions 22.11.0 and beyond, is the component that enables access to the administration features of Carbonio. However, it may be installed after upgrading to that version; see Carbonio Upgrade. It is not accessible for earlier versions.

It may be accessed by pointing a supported browser to https://acme.example:6071/login, substituting acme.example with your domain, just like with every other component.

You require a Global Administrator-designated account in order to use the Carbonio Admin Panel. The first time you log in, you will be asked to update the password for the Global Admin, which is by default zextras@acme.example. Utilising the command listed in Section Manage Global Administrators, you may accomplish this using the CLI.

Manage Carbonio domains, mailstores, accounts, COS, and privacy settings with the Carbonio Admin Panel. The panel’s overall structure is the same as that of its other parts: the CREATE button in the Top Bar enables speedy construction of a new domain or COS, and the navigation elements are located in the left-hand column.

By selecting either of the boxes in the upper section, you may access the Carbonio Admin Panel pages for the Accounts and mailing list, respectively.

Following is a list of notifications: To access the specific page, click the GO TO NOTIFICATION button.

The Carbonio and Carbonio Core versions for all the servers configured in the Carbonio infrastructure are displayed in the lower half. The page for Storage’s Global Servers and Server List may be accessed by clicking the GO TO MAILSTORES SERVERS LIST button (see Storage).