Overview of the Carbonio Admin Panel

Overview of the Carbonio Admin Panel

Carbonio Admin Panel is the component that provides access to Carbonio’s administrative functions and is installed by default beginning with Carbonio 22.11.0. It is not accessible for prior versions, although it may be installed after upgrading to that version, as described in Carbonio Upgrade.

It, like every other component, may be accessed by using a supported browser and navigating to https://mail.example.com:6071/login, where mail.example.com is replaced with your domain.

The default user to access the Carbonio Admin Panel is zextras@example.com, and its password should be changed after the initial installation using the command provided in Section Change Password of System User.

Carbonio Admin Panel allows you to manage your Carbonio domains, mailstores, accounts, COS, and privacy settings. The panel’s overall organisation is identical to the other components: the Top Bar permits easy creation of a new domain or COS by pressing the CREATE button, while navigation elements are on the left-hand column.

Figures 1 and 2 illustrate the landing page

landing page

Clicking on any of the boxes in the upper right corner will access the Carbonio Admin Panel page for the Accounts and mailing list, respectively.

The Notifications are listed below; click the GO TO NOTIFICATION button to view the dedicated page.

Carbonio and Carbonio Core versions for all servers established inside the Carbonio architecture are shown in the lower section. The GO TO MAIL STORES SERVERS LIST button opens the page Storage- Global Servers- Server List (see Storage).