Carbonio Email Service provider

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This section includes a section that highlights known issues in the current release, as well as their resolution or mitigation. We will notify you as soon as the issues described below have a definitive solution.

Smuggling of SMTP

This is a spoofing attack against Postfix that was identified lately. Their developers are trying to resolve the issue, but you may avoid having your Carbonio impacted by following these steps.

Because Carbonio uses a modified version of Postfix 3.8.3, you only need to update one of the two variables, smtpd_discard_ehlo_keywords.

  • Log in as the root user to your Carbonio.
  • Navigate to the directory /opt/zextras/common/conf.
  • Search for the variable smtpd_discard_ehlo_keywords= in file
  • There should be no value supplied (that is, there should be nothing following the =, therefore add the word chunking). The resultant line must be as follows:
  • Save the file and run the command as the zextras user.