Carbonio Email Service provider

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Full Carbonio CE Changelog

Each Carbonio CE component’s Changelog may be found in this section through a link to the corresponding GitHub repository.

  • interface of the Carbonio Shell UI Web Client.
  • Module for Carbonio Mails UI Mails
  • The Design System and Component Library for Carbonio
  • Management of authentication credentials using Carbonio Auth UI
  • Contacts module in Carbonio’s Contacts UI
  • Calendars module for Carbonio Calendars UI
  • Using the Carbonio Web Client’s Carbonio Error Reporter UI module, users may report issues and provide comments.
  • Web Login module for Carbonio Login UI
  • UI for Carbonio Files UI for Carbonio-Files
  • UI SDK for Carbonio UI SDK
  • Auth UI for Carbonio Auth UI for Carbonio
  • Carbonio CE Files Carbonio CE Files
  • Carbonio User Administration Carbonio User Administration
  • DB Carbonio Files DB Carbonio Files
  • Client Consult Client Consult